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【新概念英语四】第7课:蝙蝠 :First listen and then answer the following question. 听录音,然后回答以下问题。 In what way does echo-location in bats play an utilitarian role?

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【新概念英语四】第7课 Bats 蝙蝠

First listen and then answer the following question.

In what way does echo-location in bats play an utilitarian role?

Not all sounds made by animals serve as language, and we have only to turn to that extraordinary discovery of echo-location in bats to see a case in which the voice plays a strictly utilitarian role.

To get a full appreciation of what this means we must turn first to some recent human inventions. Everyone knows that if he shouts in the vicinity ofa wall or a mountainside, an echo will come back. The further off this solid obstruction, the longer time will elapse for the return of the echo. A sound made by tapping on the hull of a ship will be reflected from the sea bottom, and by measuring the time interval between the taps and the receipt of the echoes, the depth of the sea at that point can be calculated. So was born the echo-sounding apparatus, now in general use in ships. Every solid object will reflect a sound, varying according to the size and nature of the object. A shoal of fish will do this. So it is a comparatively simple step from locating the sea bottom to locating a shoal of fish. With experience, and with improved apparatus, it is now possible not only to locate a shoal but to tell if it is herring, cod, or other well-known fish, by the pattern of its echo.

It has been found that certain bats emit squeaks and by receiving the echoes, they can locate and steer clear of obstacles -- or locate flying insects on which they feed. This echo-location in bats is often compared with radar, the principle of which is similar.
MAURICE BURTON Curiosities of animal life

【New words and expressions 生词和短语】

bat n. 蝙蝠
strictly adv. 明确地
utilitarian adj. 实用的
appreciation n. 理解
obstruction n. 障碍物
elapse v. 消逝
hull n. 船体
interval n. 间隔
receipt n. 收到
apparatus n. 仪器
shoal n. 鱼群
herring n. 鲱鱼
cod n. 鳕鱼
squeak n. 尖叫声

1.Not all sounds made by animals serve as language,动物发出的声音不全是作语言交际。此句采用了部分否定,即不是否定所有的动物,而只是一部分。
serve as,作……之用。
例句:May this punishment serve as a warning to you.

serve the purpose,起作用、 能解决问题。
例句1:It's not exactly what I wanted but it will serve my purpose.
例句2:Theories serve a dual purpose.

2.play a role/part in,在……方面起作用。
例句:Parents play significant roles in educating a child.

take part/role in,参加,参与。
例句:We all had to take part in the training run, with nobody excepted.

3.in the vicinity of,在……附近。
例句:All the ships in the vicinity of the crash joined in the search for survivors.

例句:This city has a population in the vicinity of 100000.

4.So was born the echo-sounding apparatus,这样就诞生了回声探测仪。这是一个倒装句,主要是为了避免因主语过长而使全句失去平衡,同时也为了使apparatus的定语now in general use in ships紧挨着名词。
in general use,普遍使用。
generally speaking,通常说来。
in general terms,总的说来。

vary with sth,随……变化而变化。
例句:Prices vary with the seasons.


6.steer clear of,避开
If you steer clear of someone or something, you deliberately avoid them.
例句:Since then they have tended to steer clear of contentious issues.






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