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【新概念英语四】第3课:马特霍恩山区人 :First listen and then answer the following question. 听录音,然后回答以下问题。 What was the main objective of early mountain climbers?

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【新概念英语四】第3课 Matterhorn man 马特霍恩山区人

First listen and then answer the following question.

What was the main objective of early mountain climbers?

Modern alpinists try to climb mountains by a route which will give them good sport, and the more difficult it is, the more highly it is regarded. In the pioneering days, however, this was not the case at all. The early climbers were looking for the easiest way to the top, because the summit was the prize they sought, especially if it had never been attained before. It is true that during their explorations they often faced difficulties and dangers of the most perilous nature, equipped in a manner with would make a modern climber shudder at the thought,[/b] but they did not go out of their way[/b] to court such excitement. They had a single aim, a solitary goal -- the top!

It is hard for us to realize nowadays how difficult it was for the pioneers. Except for one or two places such as Zermatt and Chamonix, which had rapidly become popular, Alpine village tended to be impoverished settlements cut off from civilization by the high mountains. Such inns as there were generally dirty and flea-ridden; the food simply local cheese accompanied by bread often twelve months old, all washed down with coarse wine. Often a valley boasted no inn at all, and climbers found shelter wherever they could -- sometimes with the local priest (who was usually as poor as his parishioners), sometimes with shepherds or cheese-makers. Invariably the background was the same: dirt and poverty, and very uncomfortable. For men accustomed to eating seven-course dinners and sleeping between fine linen sheets at home, the change to the Alps must have been very hard indeed.

【New words and expressions 生词和短语】

Matterhorn n. 马特霍恩峰(阿尔卑斯山之一,在意大利和瑞士边境)
Alpinist n. 登山运动员
pioneer v. 开辟,倡导;n. 先锋,开辟者
summit n. 顶峰
attain v. 到达
perilous adj. 危险的
shudder v. 不寒而栗
court v. 追求
solitary adj. 唯一的
impoverish v. 使贫困
Alpine adj. 阿尔卑斯山的
flea-ridden adj. 布满跳蚤的
coarse adj. 粗劣的
boast v. 自恃有
parishioner n. 教区居民
shepherd n. 牧羊人
linen n. 亚麻布床单
the Alps n. 阿尔卑斯山脉

1. the more...the more...越……就越……
例句:The older I grow, the more I know about our culture.

例句:The more the better.

2. attain获得,达到,实现。
例句:I'm determined to attain my purpose at any cost.

例句:These objectives are certainly attainable.

3. in the pioneering days,在初创时期,这里指登山运动的初创时期。
①pioneer作名词,表示开拓者、开辟者:少先队员young pioneer。

例句:They pioneered a new route to the coast.

4. equipped in a manner with would make a modern climber shudder at the thought,他们的装备如此简陋,足以使现代登山者一想起来就胆战心惊。at the thought,一想到(他们的装备),英文中省略了of the manner。

5.go out of one's way,特地,不怕麻烦。
all the way,一路上;by the way,顺便;give way to,放弃,让出。

6. cut off...from...,把……与……隔绝。
例句:One of the goals of the campaign is to cut off the elite Republican Guard from its supplies.

7. such inns as there were,那里有的小客栈,as there were用来修饰inns,作定语。

8. the food simply local cheese,在food后面省略了was。

9. acccustomed to习惯……
accustom oneself to sth:让自己习惯某物
例句:He quickly accustomed himself to this new way of life.

现代登山运动员总想找一条能够给他们带来运动乐趣的路线来攀登山峰。他们认为, 道路愈艰险愈带劲儿。然而,在登山运动的初期,全然不是这种情况。早期登山者所寻找的是通往山顶的最方便的途径,因为顶峰特别是前人未曾到过的顶峰 -- 才是他们寻求的目标。确实,在探险中他们经常遇到惊心动魄的困难和危险,而他们装备之简陋足以使现代登山者一想起来就胆战心惊。但是,他们并非故意寻求这种刺激,他们只有一个目标,唯一的目标 -- 顶峰!

我们今天很难想像昔日的登山先驱们是多么艰苦。除了泽曼特和夏蒙尼等一两个很快出了名的地方外,阿尔卑斯山山区的小村几乎全是高山环抱、与世隔绝的穷乡僻壤。那里的小客栈一般都很肮脏,而且跳蚤猖獗。 食物是当地的干酪和通常存放了一年之久的面包,人们就着劣酒吞下这种食物。山谷里常常没有小客栈,登山者只好随遇而安。有时同当地牧师 (他通常和他的教民一样穷)住在一起,有时同牧羊人或制乳酪的人住在一起。无论住在哪儿,情况都一样:肮脏、贫穷,极其不舒适。对于过惯了一顿饭吃7道菜、睡亚麻细布床单的人来说,变换一下生活环境来到阿尔卑斯山山区,那一定是很艰难的

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